Lowell Herb Co., Super Glue, Sativa, 1g PreRoll


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THC 22% CBD 0.0


All flower (no trim, no shake) pre-rolled smoke. Curated, effect-based blends by seasonal harvest. We grow our flowers with only organic fertilizer. We never use synthetic pesticides. We pay our our farmers a proper living wage.

We use natural materials from seed to sale. Superglue is a strain of confusion. Most say it’s a moderately to highly potent (THC 18-25%), social and chatty, Indica-Dominant, evening hybrid mix of Afghani and Northern Lights (NL).

But, there are also those who claim it’s a blend of NL and OG Kush or even Gorilla Glue #4 and Starfighter. Nobody seems to have the definitive answer. Suggestion: Ask a trusted budtender.



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